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`Solar power stations `Rural electrification, Small home power systems
`Power supply for traffic, security, gas industry
`12V and 24V battery charging system
`Other industrial and commercial applications Carton and peal wool,wood case or pallets







    Rated Maximum Power at STC






    Open Circuit Voltage(Voc/V)






    Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp/V)






    Short Circuit Current(Isc/A)






    Maximum Power Current(Imp/A)






    Module Efficiency(%)






    Power Tolerance


    Standard Test Condition(STC)

    Irradiance 1000W/m2,Cell    Temperature 25?,Air Mass1.5

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    `Solar power stations
    `Rural electrification, Small home power systems
    `Power supply for traffic, security, gas industry
    `12V and 24V battery charging system
    `Other industrial and commercial applications

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    Carton and peal wool,wood case or pallets


    Material in stock can be produce (procedure 5-20days) right away after pre-payment confirmation.COSCO Mearsk MSC ship to worldwide for safe shipping, don't worry about   package damager or loss.It take 15-40 days to worldwide, Please note us your contact details include your phone number for easy contacting from shipping company officer.

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    Solar modules are made of imported (or domestic) monocrystalline (or polycrystalline) silicon solar cells in series and in series with heat-sealed glass, EVA and TPT. The periphery is equipped with aluminum alloy frame, which has the functions of wind resistance and hail resistance Strong, easy to install and other features. Widely used in solar lighting, lighting, household power supply, road traffic, construction and photovoltaic power plants and other fields.

    Component composition of solar panels:

    1. Folded tempered glass

    Low-iron tempered glass (also known as white glass), the common thickness of about 3.2 mm, in the solar spectral response wavelength range (320-1100NM) transmittance of more than 90%, for more than 1200NM infrared light has a higher Reflectivity. This glass at the same time resistant to ultraviolet radiation, light transmittance does not decline.

    Toughening performance in line with the national standard GB9963-88 or components of the package after impact resistance GB GB 9535-88 ground with silicon solar cells environmental test methods specified in the performance indicators.

    2. Folding EVA

    EVA is a hot melt adhesive, the thickness of 0.4 mm -0.6 mm between the surface smooth, uniform thickness, containing cross-linking agent. Non-sticky at room temperature and with anti-sticking, after a certain price adjustment hot melt bonding occurs and crosslinking curing, and become completely transparent. The cured EVA can withstand atmospheric changes and has elasticity. It encapsulates the cell under the "lid", encapsulates it, and the upper protective material - glass, the lower protective material back (TPT, BBF, etc.) Lamination technology into one. On the other hand, it can enhance the transmittance of glass after it is bonded with glass, plays a role of increasing permeability and has a gain effect on the output of the solar panel.

    3. Folding solar cells

    Solar cells are the smallest unit of photoelectric conversion, the size is generally 125 * 125 or 156 * 156. The working voltage of solar cells is about 0.5V, generally can not be used alone as a power supply. The solar cells in series and parallel package, it becomes a solar panel, the power is generally a few watts to tens of watts, a hundred watts to two hundred watts or more, can be used alone as a power source.

    4. Fold the back panel

    The back panel is the protective material on the back of the panel, generally TPT, BBF, DNP and so on. These protective materials have good resistance to environmental corrosion, insulation and good adhesion with EVA. Solar cell back cover - Fluoroplastics film is white, reflecting the sun, so the efficiency of a slight increase in the panel, and because of its high infrared emissivity, but also can reduce the operating temperature of the panel, but also Is conducive to the efficiency of the panel. Of course, fluorine plastic film first has the solar cell package required anti-aging, corrosion resistance, airtight and other basic requirements.

    5. Folding junction box

    Junction Box generally made of ABS, and anti-aging and anti-UV radiation agent to ensure that the battery Banna in outdoor use for 25 years without aging rupture phenomenon. Posts made of nickel-plated nickel-plated high-conductivity copper, to ensure that the electrical conductivity and reliable electrical connections. Junction box with silicone adhesive on the backplane surface.

    6. Fold aluminum frame

    The frame is made of hard aluminum alloy, the surface oxide layer thickness is greater than 10 microns, can ensure that the outdoor environment for up to 25 years of use, will not be corrosion, durable.

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